mr. groundhog

Our novitiate house is located on the grounds of the eastern province headquarters on the Hudson river. Now that spring has sprung, our view of NYC has been obscured, but we've got lots of beautiful new green growth to take its place. And lots of little critters to watch ... turkeys (ok, not so little), other assorted birds, the occasional bunny rabbit and lots of groundhogs.

Tonight after dinner I went for a walk on the grounds. I sat on a bench near the river and watched boats coming to and fro, and lots of varieties of birds coming to and fro as well. On my way back to the house, I saw a rather hefty groundhog bounding across the lawn. Then, all of a sudden, he vanished from sight. Where could he have gone thought little old me. I walked a little closer and saw that he was - I kid you not - hiding behind a lamp post. He had stood up on his hind feet and was standing as still as said lamp post. I stopped to watch him for a bit, and then I realized he was leaning on the lamp post. He looked like a cartoon character. I could have imagined him with his hands in his pockets or smoking a cigarette. I watched him for a while, and then I went on my way. When I looked back, he had returned to all fours.

Thanks Mr. Groundhog. You made me smile!


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I have seen marmots in the Alps strike the same pose. I call it their "Lily Marlene" attitude.