Since 1972

I haven't watched the Price is Right in ages, but when I was in kindergarden it played a big role for me. I was enrolled in the afternoon kindergarden. In the morning I'd play, then my mom would make my lunch, we'd watch Bob Barker on the Price is Right, and when it was over it was time to drive to school.

Years later I'd often hear those familiar sounds when I was in high school. We had to walk by the convent doors on our way to the lunch room (the provincial house was next door). The Sisters would usually be watching the Price is Right.

After 35 years, Bob's decided it is time to step on down. He's been doing the show as long as I've been alive (I turn 35 this summer). No wonder he's ready for a break.


Andrew said...

I have fond memories of being over at my grandmother's house in the country and watching The Price is Right. She didn't have cable and we would have to turn the antenna until we could pick it up. Good times!

Andrew in Alabama
The 4th Avenue Blues

lma said...

Youngster. :)

He began hosting Truth or Consequences the year I was born (1956), kept at it until 1965 and then again from 1966 until 1975. I well remember watching the show on our old, boxy black and white tv from the time I was very, very young.

xsquared said...

I haven't seen that in years! I'll have to watch again before he leaves. Pretty amazing that he's been doing it for so long.

I'm a summer baby too - June 7.

Also, I tagged you on my blog :)