On Wednesday mornings they have mass next door in the Infirmary - instead of the Chapel - so that more of the sick and infirm sisters can be there. Now that our intercommunity novitiate classes are over, I'm home on Wednesday mornings and able to attend. This morning in fact I was the lector.

The first reading was from Sirach:
Come to our aid, O God of the universe,
look upon us, show us the light of your mercies
I've always like the book of Sirach - it's one of the things I like about being Catholic :). (It's not included in the Hebrew or Protestant Bibles).

I seem to be pointing you to other bloggy friends these days, but Talmida has an awesome story about to little "old" ladies who discovered the first Hebrew manuscript of the Book of Sirach in 1900. Go check it out...

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Poetry said...

Feather brained clouds off on rain's errand.

Insects mating furiously in flight--They call them love bugs.

Cleaving to one another as oblivion approaches.

Working their wings in the morning breeze.