blog break

I'm taking a short break from blogging. Will be back in a week or two ... or perhaps sooner if I find myself inspired.

Enjoy the start of summer!

(The new Simpsons movie comes out on my birthday by the way)


Crystal said...

When does the Simpson movie come out....or more importantly when is your birthday? I just learned some new termonology - "unbloggables." I know you might not respond for some time, but does it mean someone who does not comment to another person's blog or someone who does not freshen up their own personal blog? Tell me, sister. I'm just learning about this new spere - have pretty much stuck to e-mail until now.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

The blog break doesn't start until tomorrow :) ... (although I'll probably still be checking comments).

First the Simpsons Movie release and my 35th birthday are on July 27th.

Second, "unbloggable" is the term I use for the large number of thoughts, feelings, issues, people that I can't really blog about for a variety of reasons: discretion, respect for others, confusion, inability to put words to feelings.

When I'm in the "unbloggable" space, I tend to post blog quizzes and blog posts about the world in general rather than my own life.

Crystal said...

That makes complete sense to me. Yes, indeed - discretion, respect etc...I get it. Wise choice, dear woman.

More to be revealed, I'm sure. Thanks for answering the question.

Kelly_SSJ/A said...

Am praying.....Hope the time away will help focus and sort out what you need to.

nwc said...

Prayers for your break...
We'll be awaiting your return, but take the time you need.

grace said...

thanks for the comment! i'm really excited to go to portland, maybe even more excited than i am to get to spokane. i've seen pictures & it really is beautiful. i hear the weather is like it is here in new england, so hopefully i won't have to buy too much when i get there :)
i'm guessing orentation is in the middle of the woods, we need to bring flashlights, sleepingbags, etc. if you have any suggestions for me i'll take them! i'm trying to prepare for everything & pack almost nothing!

Christine said...

just when i finally get my internet up at my new digs, you go on break. Well, probably it will help me get back to unpacking! Blessings on your break.

Abdur Rahman said...

Peace Susan,

This is my first time at your blog and I just wanted to say that I've found it very refreshing.

Insha Allah (God willing), I'll be popping back.

Hope the break isn't too long.

Abdur Rahman