newly professed

I was lucky enough to be present when my five Carmelite friends - Brothers Dong, Edgar, Joe, Tim & Trung - made their first profession this morning at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. We got to know "the guys" in our intercommunity novitiate program this year, and there were quite a few of our classmates present at the big event!

It was the first men's profession I've attended, and actually only my second profession ceremony.
One of the main purposes of Novitiate is to prepare for profession of vows. Most religious make temporary profession first for a period of three years or so before they profess perpetual vows. We won't be making our first profession until the Fall of 2008 as we have a two year novitiate. It seems that most men's communities, like the Carmelites, have a one year novitiate. Next year they will begin their theology studies while their female classmates continue with their second year of novitiate.

The profession ceremony was beautiful. A great day!


Jason nSJ said...

Then there's the Jebs, who have a two year novitiate, and our first vows are perpetual.


Garpu the Fork said...

Interesting...how come women novices have two years of theology, but men only one? Are Carmelites like Dominicans in that most men who join eventually become priests? I know more about Benedictines and Trappists than I do other orders. And Dominicans because I'm at a Dominican parish. :)

xsquared said...

Congratulations to your friends! I will keep them in my prayers :)

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Jason ... and how many years till you're ordained??? ;)

Garpu ... The Carmelites may become priests or not. They will continue to discern that. In the mean time they will be getting an MDiv or equivalent. They also have a year of internship at some point in their studies, which really is similar to what most women's communities do during their 2nd year of Novitiate. Perhaps I'll post something about what next year will look like for me.

Beth said...

Will keep them in my prayers - are any staying at White Friars in DC or studying at Washington Theological Union? And the profession - I went to my friend's profession 2 years ago. Loved that so much of the liturgy was in Vietnamese.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I believe the answer is yes to both White Friars & WTU for 3 of the guys. The Vietnamese brothers will be returning to Vietnam for their studies.

The liturgy including readings and songs in Spanish and Vietnamese as well as English. It was beautiful.