I just spent the morning/afternoon reorganizing and rearranging my room. I spend a lot of time in my room, as it is where I sleep, where I read, where I study and often where I pray. When I arrived last September the first thing I did was move all the furniture around. I suppose I needed to create my space.

So why did I reorganize it again (including moving some but not all of the furniture around)? Well for one thing, it was satisfying! For another, I needed a different energy in the room. My chair was facing the window. I've rearranged this so that now, when I sit in my chair, I can still look outside the window but I can also look around the room at my pictures and artwork. It's more open now.

But the main reason I suppose was that I've been feeling a lack of control with a particular unbloggable situation, and so I gravitated toward something that I could "fix" in the span of a few hours. The end result, I must say, is just what I needed. I'm happy and content, and now that I know what books are in my "to read" and "in process" piles (since I had to move them around), I'm going to turn off the computer, sit in my chair, and give the books a little quality time.

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Sarah said...

My room is currently so messy that I have to hurdle the (metre high) oil heater to get out the door, and the pile of crap beside my bed has "safe" spots so I can stand on it without breaking anything...
I think it reflects the state of my life. I'm just climbing around the crap trying to keep going and doing what I need to do. One day I'll get to cleaning it which will be lovely but just can't make it to the top of the list of things to do at the moment.