I've been tagged by Judith to share eight random things about myself. I thought this rang a bell and I realized I was tagged last month to share seven random things about myself. Rather than simply add an eighth to the list, I'll try to find some new ones. Visit Judith's blog for the rules. So here goes:
  1. When I used to play school as a kid, I not only had imaginary students, I had seating charts for the imaginary students, gave the imaginary students homework, and sometimes did the homework myself so that I could grade it.
  2. I have a really good sense of direction - as long as I have a map to help me along.
  3. You know how in school the teachers used to want to see an outline before you wrote your essay or paper? I can't think/write that way. I always wrote the paper or essay first, and then wrote the outline.
  4. I'm not so great with math or science, but I do still remember how to convert within the metric system and the symbols for a number of elements from the periodic chart only because my teachers shared some great mnemonics. For example, copper is CU because I see you in my helicopper. And lead is PB because pencils break (and pencils have lead - at least they used to.)
  5. I'm really bad with names and use my own mnemonics to help me out, although it gets complicated sometimes. I had two sisters in my Sunday School class a few years ago named Sophie & Maya. I couldn't keep them straight, until one day I realized Sophie was Six. That was great, except they grew up and the younger one was actually the taller of the two and I continued to be confused.
  6. Growing up I had a dog named Sandy. She was a mutt and the best play mate a girl could ask for.
  7. I love exploring new towns and places on my own.
  8. I always have at least five books I'm reading at one time. I'm a big fan of the stack of books by my reading chair.
Yes, I am a little odd. But that's why you love me. If you want to play, feel free in the comments or on your own blog.

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Judith said...

hi Susan,

Thanks for playing! It is funny what we remember from school -- I remember sulphuric acid is H2SO4 (why? I can't remember my own phone number sometimes!).