HP Revalblogpal Friday Five

This week's Revalblogpal Friday Five is a Choose Your Own Adventure ... Harry Potter or not. I of course choose Harry Potter, especially as I'm planning to use my free day tomorrow (Saturday) to visit the local multi-plex and see the new movie for myself. Not to mention next Saturday when I can pick up my reserved copy of HP7 at the bookstore! But for now, the Friday Five:

1. Which Harry Potter book is your favorite and why? How to choose, how to choose. I think Book 3 when Harry learns that Sirius is his Godfather is my favorite. Harry changes when he realizes that he's not alone in this world after all. I think it frees him up to live up to who he is meant to be. That said, Book 5 is probably a close second.

2. Which character do you most resemble? Which character would you most like to get to know? I have certain undeniable know-it-all Hermione tendencies. I'm a klutz like Neville. And I'm a little goofy like Luna. But I would love to get to know the Weasley Twins. My life would certainly be more interesting. Professor Lupin would be good for a long talk over a pint of butterbear.

3. How careful are you about spoilers?
a) bring 'em on--even if I know the destination, the journey's still good
b) eh, I'd rather not know what happens, but I'm not going to commit Avada Kedavra if someone makes a slip
c) I will sequester myself in a geodesic dome to avoid finding anything out

Option B seems the wisest course.

4. Make one prediction/share one hope about book 7.
I hope that Hogwarts stays open, although I'd be ok if Harry/Ron/or Hermione took a leave of absence. Not that I could imagine Hermione not going to school!

5. Rowling has said she's not planning any prequels or sequels, but are there characters or storylines (past or future) that you would like to see pursued?
I'd like to at least know what career path they follow. And of course which couples end up together.


reverendmother said...

Enjoy the movie! We're going Sunday (I hope)

Garpu the Fork said...

One of these days I have to read past the 2nd book...

What was the drama they mentioned in the administrative post? Let me guess, people thinking the books are Satanic?

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Garpu - I don't know what the drama was, but my suspicions were that it was something disrespectful. One thing I love about the revgalblogpals is that it is a safe and sane corner of the blogosphere.

Hedwyg said...

Yeah, I'd like to have a nice pub chat with Professor Lupin, too. Great play!

chartreuseova said...

How was the movie?

How were the crowds?

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

The movie was very good. Of course I kept noticing things that were a bit different from the book - which of course happens in any screen adaptation. It definitely captures the feeling of the book. The woman who plays Umbridge captures her perfectly, right down to the "Hmm Hmms" and toadlike face.

The crowds weren't bad. I went to the 10am show. There were lots of kids, but they were very well behaved.

Estefanía Salazar said...

Hi Susan!

I answered the Friday (or wel.. Sunday now) Five at my blog.

Looking forward to the 21st!

Estefanía Salazar said...

Whoops! Forgot to ask:

If you´d cast Ewan McGregor in any Potter role, which one would he be in?

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Ewan as an HP character ... hmmm, I'll have to think about that!