shore report

Greetings from our retreat house on the Jersey Shore. I'm here volunteering my services this week ... call me Novice Jane-of-all-trades. It's been wonderful so far - a good mix of working (washing dishes, cleaning windows, answering the phone, etc...) and relaxing (swimming in the pool, taking long walks, reading good books). I've also enjoyed getting to know our 3 Sisters who live here at the retreat house - wonderful women!

I helped one of the Sisters on staff set up a mail merge earlier today, so in exchange I'm using her computer for a bit to check e-mail. I'll be back offline I think until Sunday once I finish up here. It's actually quite nice to have a break from e-mail and the blog.

The weather was gorgeous when I arrived on Sunday, although it's been rainy the past two days. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow & Saturday so hopefully I'll get some more time in the pool. I enjoyed watching the ocean this morning though - it was stormy and rough with big huge waves.

Hope you're all having a good summer. I'll probably be back to regular blogging next week or the week after.

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