distinctive smells

Earlier this evening I was sitting in our living room here at the Novitiate waiting for some folks to arrive for a book group. All of a sudden I smelled it .... burnt toast (or is it burned toast?). I walked into the kitchen to see what was burning ... nothing. Oven off, nothing in the toaster, and really no smell of burning toast. I went back to the living room where the smell was strong. One of my housemates came down and I asked her if she smelled it. She said she smelled burning toast in her bedroom upstairs, so we figured it was coming from next door. That happens sometimes. Last week it was cabbage, and on Sunday mornings it is bacon. (We share an HVAC system with the building where our retired sisters live next door.)

Now I'm in my room winding down for the evening. Earlier today I hand washed some sweaters that I'll be taking with me to London. They are laying flat on towels on my bedroom floor to dry. Which is why my room now smells like ... yup, you guessed it, wet wool.

I've been adding labels to my posts of late. I don't think this particular post quite fits into any of them, so I am creating a "randomness" label.

Hope all is well with all my bloggy friends.

Nighty night.

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