three weeks from today

My flight for London leaves three weeks from today! How is that possible?

I spent yesterday sorting through my closet looking to see what my winter clothes situation is like. Last year it was so hot in our house (central heating system + elderly sisters = I wore t-shirts most of the year) that I didn't get much wear out of them. I imagine autumn (they don't call it fall) in London will be similar to fall in Portland - cold and wet. In that case, I should be all set!

This morning I'm going to head to the store and look for a new pair of pants (or should it be trousers - pants mean something different in the UK if I'm not mistaken!). The next step will be to see how I can cram my winter wardrobe into just two suitcases. Sweaters and the like take up an aweful lot of space. Perhaps I'll see if I can find some of those magic bags that shrink your clothes while I'm at the store as well. No hurry though - I do have three whole weeks.

I haven't met the Sisters I'll be living with, but I have met a few of our English Sisters over the years. Plus, I've been in contact with my new Sister housemates over the past few weeks as we sort through where I'll be doing my ministry. They've been great and super helpful over the miles. It will certainly be a new experience and an adventure!

In the meantime, I've got two weeks left of my canonical year (there's one week in between where I'll be in the house but no longer considered a canonical novice).

On the one hand I'm literally counting the days until this phase (which a friend of mine termed "lockdown") is completed. On the other hand, I'm going to miss the time to just be. Doing full time ministry for 3 months is going to be a change of pace, that's for sure!


Tess said...

Never mind a cold and wet autumn, we're having a cold wet summer over here on the other side of the pond! But we do often get a really hot indian summer, so be prepared for anything...

As to terminology, well, there's a minefield for you. We are beginning to understand what you guys mean by pants, and distinguish these from the other garment by calling the latter underpants (or knickers, or even "smalls" if you're really old-fashioned!). But yes, trousers is the most commonly-understood term for pants.
Band-aids are plasters and you buy them at a chemist, not a drug-store.
Elevator is lift, and sidewalk is pavement. And remember we drive on the other side of the road so cross carefully!
We say shedule, not skedule, and process is prohsess.

Eggplant is aubergine, zucchini is courgette. We say tomato and you say tomato...

I know London will be all the better for you being here, and even though you will have your own community, if there's anything I can do to welcome you to my home-town, just email me (tess.siteadmin at gmail.com)

Jason nSJ said...

Susan, under no circumstances should you use the phrase "fanny pack." In fact, avoid that f-word altogether.

Trust me.

(I think you can call it a "hip pack" if you like.)

Tess said...

Jason, I did toy with the idea of giving that information as well, but chickened out!

Hip pack is just fine.

Anonymous said...

I *heart* Space Bags! I highly recommend them. They also make smaller suitcase sized ones.

Turtle Lady said...

I say you just get Mr. Weasley to put an enchantment on your suitcase so everything and the kitchen sink will fit in it! It'll save you from the packing nightmare all together. But, I can't guarantee you'll get through customs with an enchanted suitcase.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Excellent idea Turtle Lady, although I think I'll have to rely on the Space Bags to magically shrink my stuff!

Katney said...

When I had a student from the UK join my third grade class in the Pacific Northwest, we started our own English/English dictionary. We ended up with quite a few differences--some I knew of beforehand and others that were new to me.

God bless you in this next step in our journey.

4ever said...

Susan, this is a cool and groovy blog. I have to check out Mr Ben Kweller music, I been hanging out with Jonah(OT). Running always seems to be a easier solution, but just does not resolve the problem or make it go away. Lately there is this voice that says don't run this time, just trust me and believe I will deliver.