Friday Check In

Hi folks. I'm noticing a pattern ... if two weeks can be considered enough time to detect a pattern.

What's the pattern, you ask? Simply that my weekdays are so busy with ministry and hanging out with the community here at the house and getting to bed early enough to be bright and cheerful the next day that there's limited time for blogging.

Hence, the Friday Check In with my bloggy friends.
  • Things are going very well overall - I've been here two weeks tomorrow! Hard to believe.

  • I'm really enjoying my work at the day center. I'm still getting up at the crack of dawn to serve breakfast, but now that I've been there a few days and have more of an idea of what I'm doing it's much more enjoyable. The clients are really great. I continue to be called "love" and "darling" on a regular basis.

  • After breakfast I head up to the training center. There I do a variety of things, all aimed at helping the clients in their search for work. I can now set up e-mail and voice-mail accounts, help them write their CV, look for jobs on the internet and e-mail job applications. Mostly I'm just there to help them become familiar with the world of computers. I've been very impressed both with the services the center provides and the great attitude the clients bring to their job search.

  • Yesterday I had my first day at the offices of Pax Christi, where I'm spending one day a week. My main job for the next month or so will be promoting their Christmas cards to local bookstores. I'm also getting a chance to become familiar with the faith based peace movement in the UK. They've been very welcoming so far, and I'm sure will continue to be.

  • Today I conquered my fear of the Celsius based oven and made my first meal here at the house - herb stuffed pork chops and mashed potatoes. Everything went well and folks seemed to enjoy the meal. In any case, they were fed. :) It's always a challenge cooking for new people and exploring a new kitchen!

  • Tomorrow is a special day. One of our Sisters, who has spent a great deal of time researching the life of our founder Margaret Anna Cusack, will be taking me and one of the Sisters I live with to Leamington Spa where Margaret Anna died and is buried. We're making a little pilgrimage of it. I'm sure it will inspire a later post.
Well, that about catches you up on the life of this novice. Hope all is well with you all.



Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing your novice happenings with us. It sounds as though it is already an enriching time. There's something profound to be said about belonging to community and so readily fitting in wherever one finds their own "groovy sisters" to be. Looking forward to more! And enjoy your Margaret Anna pilgrimage tomorrow!

Tess said...

Maybe you'll go home having adopted the name Sister Love Darling!
Sounds as if this part of the journey is a good one so far. I'm very pleased for you.