My new Sister

Tomorrow our new first year Novice (Dorothy) will be starting to move into the Congregation Novitiate. She was received as a novice in a beautiful ceremony at the Chapel here at the Eastern Province headquarters last week. (Read all about it!).

Saturday is her official entrance date into the Congregational Novitiate and the beginning of her canonical year. My canonical year ends the next day, not that I'm counting. Oh wait, I am!

Dorothy will begin her classes at the Inter-community Novitiate Program next Tuesday. I only hope that she enjoys it as much as I did last year.

Dorothy is a wonderful person that I've gotten to know over the past year. Although we second year novices will be gone for two three-month periods next year for our ministry experiences, it will be nice to have a new neighbor when I'm back home at the Novitiate in between! (Our rooms are connected by a bathroom - nothing like sharing a bathroom for an experience in community living!).

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