just a quick note

This is just a quick note as the alarm will be going off at 5:30 am and I must be getting to bed.

I was promoted (moving up the ladder from butterer of toast to purveyor of hot breakfast) to cashier at the day center. All those years as a K-Mart cashier are paying off, although the currency is of course different.

The clients receive a voucher for tea/coffee and toast, but pay for any hot breakfast items. The cost is minimal - the equivalent of less than $1 for the whole works. I think the idea is for them to be participating, rather than just receiving a handout.

It's been good for my orientation to British coinage, although there is some pressure. Getting their change wrong by 10p is a lot of money on their meager incomes!

Each day as I head home, especially today in the cold rain, I think about the clients who will be "sleeping rough" (as they say here) on the streets - whereas I head home to my warm bed. It certainly gives a new perspective on my life of "poverty," which in comparison is a life of security and luxury. I think I'll be learning more from these folks than I'll be helping them.


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DJC said...

I've worked with Habitat and was very humbled by
the poverty I saw. But the blessings I got from doing
something, even in a small way was one of the most fulfilling gifts I've ever received. Nothing better then
doing God's work...