Musings on the Peace Cross

"We recognize our Peace Cross
as a special symbol of identity with the congregation."
~CSJP Constitutions

Every morning since August 26, 2006 (my date of reception as I novice), I have put my Peace Cross around my neck with a short and simple prayer to be a woman of peace. As our Constitutions say, the Peace Cross is a special symbol of my identity as a Sister of St Joseph of Peace. It not only identifies me as a CSJP, but is full of meaning for me personally.

This afternoon I realized that although I've been wearing the Peace Cross for over a year, it's only been the past month here in London that I've worn it out and about "in the world." Last year I wore it at the Novitiate House, or our Intercommunity Classes, or at the hospital which is sponsored by our community. Hence, although it was full of meaning for me I never got much comment on it.

A few weeks ago a Muslim shopkeeper commented on my Peace Cross, saying that it was a nice Christian message. Last week one of the clients at the day center said to me in French - he is Congolese - that "La Paix etes avec vous." And today, I had a young woman tell me she really liked it and where could she get one?!

The Peace Cross has always seemed "right" to me. It's by no means what attracted me to the CSJP's, and it's not that it's a nice fashion statement. As I said it just feels right.
  • It does identify me as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace, which I think is important. We may not wear traditional habits but our Peace Cross is a public witness of who we are and what we are about.
  • It is a universal message that we share with those we interact with each day.
  • It reminds me of our charism and the values on which I choose to center my life.

As our Constitutions say:

"Christ is our peace,
the source of our power.
United with him
we engage in the struggle
against the reality of evil
and continue the work
of establishing God's reign
of justice and peace."

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Kstar said...

What a beautiful entry you wrote today.