This afternoon we went to a lovely workshop at Ealing Abbey by composer Margaret Rizza. It was a combination of prayer, silence and music. She was conducting us like a choir towards the end - even those of us who aren't quite tone deaf but can't really sing either. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Anyway, she shared with us a lovely quote by Meister Eckhart that I knew I had to share with my bloggy friends. We could all do with spending some time reflecting on (and living this), I think!
God lies in wait for us with nothing so much as love.

Now love is like a fishhook.

A fisher cannot catch a fish unless the fish first picks up the hook. If the fish picks up the hook, no matter how much the fish may turn and squirm the Fisher is certain of the fish. Love is the same way. Whoever is captured by love takes up this hook in such a fashion that foot and hand, mouth and eyes, heart and all that is in that person must always belong to God.

Therefore, Look only for this fishhook, and you will be happily caught. The more you are caught, the more you will be liberated.

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