Litany of the Saints

My other volunteer job (aside from the day center) is one day a week at the offices of Pax Christi. For the most part I'm doing office work for the cause of peace. I'm more than happy to find a useful outlet for my 11+ years of office experience! Plus, the people are nice.

Today I was putting labels onto envelopes for their bi-monthly newsletter mailing. In addition to their membership, pretty much every parish in English & Wales is on the mailing list. Which mean that this morning I was peeling and sticking labels with Saint's name after Saint's name on them.

After about 200 labels, I realized how fitting this was for All Saint's Day! I ended up silently reading each Saint's name as I pulled the label, and then silently saying to myself "pray for us" as I stuck it on the envelope. It was a kind of office work litany of the saints if you will. It certainly made the time go faster and added a rhythm to the task. Also, considering that I was doing this for about 3 hours, it was a pretty intense prayer experience!

Tonight I'm headed to the local parish for mass, but I feel like I've been praying all day.

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Garpu the Fork said...

Oh wow. Talk about praying without ceasing...

I like All Saint's. It's nice to be reminded that our superheroes are watching out for us, and that we can be like them.