wise and hospitable women

I'm back from my weekend at the UK Province House. I'm really glad that I was able to spend a few days with the wise and hospitable women that live there. They made me feel right at home, which always happens with my groovy sisters!

Like our two province houses in the US, Rearsby is home not only to the Province offices but also includes a care center for the more elderly and infirm sisters. I always enjoy spending time with our elderly sisters. They hold such a wealth of knowledge about our history, and really about our future. They are the caretakers of our vision, the keepers of our heart. Some of them also have a wicked sense of humor! And one in particular is still a whiz in the kitchen. Given all that, what better way to begin my last week in the province than in their company?

It was also a privilege to be there in the house as the Sisters began to say goodbye to one of their own. When I returned to the house here in London tonight, I learned that Sister Alphonsus had passed a way earlier this evening. I'm glad that I was able to see her over the weekend, even though I didn't really have a chance to get to know her. It was truly amazing to witness the care and concern of the Sisters for Alphonsus. I was reminded of how my family gathered around when my own mother was sick, telling stories and trying to make sure she was as comfortable as possible during her last days. As I went to bed on Saturday night, I had one of those "d'oh" moments when I realized the Sisters treat each other like family. Guess that's where the name "Sisters" comes in, huh?

From the stories I heard over the weekend, it sounds like Alphonsus was quite the character. She was a nurse, and apparently an excellent diagnostician. The Doctors would often ask her opinion when they were stumped. Given all that, I'm sure it was hard for her to be a patient herself these past years, even if she was 90 years old.

Please keep the Sisters here and the family of Sr. Alphonsus in your prayers.

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xsquared said...

My prayers, as always, are with you and your groovy sisters. I'll say a special prayer for the family of Sr. Alphonsus.