Lights Out

I received this email from Sister Eleanor who runs our health mission in El Salvador. She in turn was passing on a message she received from the Conference of Religious in El Salvador.

They ask that: On January 23rd from 7:55 pm to 8:00 pm, we again shut off all our lights and give the planet a rest. (This suggestion comes again from France.) If we have a massive response, the energy saving will be "brutal".

It's just five minutes, let's see what happens.
Yes, we'll be sitting in the dark with a foolish look on our faces.
Remember that the internet is powerful and we can do a great thing. Pass on this message!


Caitlin B said...

I wonder if you know if there's a website about it at all - my googling only comes up with information on 2007's!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I was wondering the same thing and couldn't find anything. Makes me in turn wonder how effective something like this can be if no one knows about it. But there's some value in the intention of it all the same I think ...

In our case, it at least went out to our entire congregation so that's one group of folks who will be doing this.