Pray for Peace

Today is the first day of 2008. It's also the World Day of Peace. Paul VI declared the first World Day of Peace in 1968 by proclaiming a message of peace on that Day. Pope Benedic XVI has continued this tradition - read his 2008 Message "The Human Family: A Community of Peace" here.

But most of all - particularly with the ongoing armed conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan and the unstable situations in Kenya and Pakistan - please join me in beginning this new year by praying in hope for peace.

God who created light that your children might walk in light and live an abundant life, we come before you in faith and in hope that even now the nations might choose to walk in light and put aside warfare and killing. As we begin this New Year we pray that you will touch the hearts and minds of world leaders with a desire for peace. May the councils of the powerful yield to your everlasting wisdom. Wherever wars and rumors of war abound may your Peace and understanding quiet all fears and animosities. May you give new and powerful gifts of courage and leadership to those who speak and work for Peace. Help us to confess that war in this time is a mark of our failing one another and contrary to your will. In these days of anxiety stand by us and make us strong that we might not be paralyzed by fear but rather empowered to speak on behalf of Peace, work for Peace, pray for Peace, and live in Peace each with one another. Amen (National Council of Churches- adapted)

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Melissa said...

What a beautiful prayer...thank you for sharing this, I have passed it on to those I love...may 2008 be the year of PEACE!