Giving Up Clutter for Lent

I just got back from dropping off two bags of clothes for charity (a result of my cleaning binge last week). It was fitting, then, to find an e-mail pointing me out to a new to me idea for Lent from the January 2008 Catholic Update: Giving Up Clutter for Lent
Day by Day Through Lent
Fasting From Our Clutter

by Susan K. Rowland

Lent is here. Ready or not, the Big Question is always: How we are going to “do” Lent this year? May I suggest going on a fast that makes sense in this culture? Let us fast from the various types of clutter in our lives, beginning with the “outer regions” of life—our personal habits and the clutter in our homes. Then we will move to mental and spiritual clutter as the weeks progress toward Easter. We can fast from the confusion and busy-ness that characterize our culture. If we use this period to open our hearts, we will be well prepared to celebrate Easter. I offer the following ways to do that.

The website includes daily reflections for each day of lent. Looks like a good resource. Of course I already have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 reflection booklets for Lent. ... What was that about clutter??


Mary Beth said...

Susan! This is a great resource! Thank you so very much for this.

Sally said...

Thank you for this link- it has given me a lot to think about!