One thing that has struck me odd during my year and a half living in the NYC metro area is the lack of a good radio station for the indie music scene. I mean, come on .... this is NEW YORK! But try as I might, my periodic scans of the radio dial would only come up with the same commercial stuff and the occasional odd ball show (with the exception of WFUV from Fordham U which at times can have some good music).

Imagine my glee when I read in the paper today that 91.5 Radio New York is teaming up with Seattle's non-profit KEXP! For now there will be some simulcasts from Seattle, and the paper said that one of the show's hosts will be doing the bi-coastal thing for a while and broadcast from NYC occasionally. In addition to my joy that I can now listen to indie music on my clock radio, I must admit to a little bit of added joy that the Big Apple had to wait until it could partner with a little old radio station in the far out pacific northwest to get a decent station.

Now, we'll have to wait and see how the partnership turns out, but I for one am hopeful!

And yes, in case you are wondering, nuns can have good taste in music! I know sisters with an ear for classical. I happen to prefer my indie pop! :)


Garpu said...

Woohoo! I wind up listening to KEXP when I'm in Boston. The Frood's abode doesn't get much more than the local NPR station, so it's online feed is a godsend.

Sarah said...

I'm having exactly the same problem since coming to Sydney. I miss my non-commercial, non-profit radio stations and their odd mix of music and programs... But you've inspired me to take up the search again! Thanks!

Mollie said...

NYC radio stinks. Agreed. And I love your taste in music!