"Now you know how we feel"

Sister Housemate: How was work?

Me: Good ... I'm still in training mode. I had the supervisor training me today.

Housemate: How was that?

Me: Good ... but she's really young.

Housemate: (Looking at me with a wee bit of a smirk in her eye).

Me: The woman who was training me last week was 25, but this woman is 22. They're qualified and know a lot, but they seem so young.

Housemate: Now you know how we feel!


Katney said...

That is so interesting.

When I started teaching--in my 40s--I thought that if I ever had the children of my children's friends in my class, or the children of children I had taught--it would time to retire.

I'm long past that. I now not only have colleagues who are the age of my chldren, I have colleagues who are the age of my granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan Rose - I love the prespective and what it offers me for reflection and sly joy.

Lisa said...

All I can say is :).

Garpu said...

I feel your pain. I recently had to call a Navy recruiter's office, since they kept calling my cell and leaving messages for someone obviously not me. The guy I spoke with sounded so young! Then I realized if he were in his early 20's, he'd easily be 10 years younger than I am.