The sun came out today in Seattle - not just sun breaks but actual sun! Good thing to, because I spent the day exploring downtown Seattle with my friend Susan (another Sr. Susan in fact). Otherwsie our leisurely exploration would have been a soggy one!

Tomorrow I have some meetings and then Wednesday I head back east for the next six months. I've really enjoyed my time here at western groovy sister hq. I feel renewed and reconnected, and ready for the rest of the novitiate. I had a bad case of senioritis when I got here last week, but some deep conversations with wise and warm women have helped to ease a bit of that.

God is good.



PS - This is probably my last post until Easter as I'm headed to my silent holy week retreat when I get back to Jersey on Wednesday.


kSm said...

I hope you have a blessed Holy Week.

Kelly_SSJ said...

Happy St. Josephs Day!