prayer with a tree theme

I've been re-reading my journal entries for the past couple of years. This is an old habit of mine. Periodically I will take a few days to reread all of my diaries and journals from childhood to today. Sadly, most of my journals are in storage in Portland. The farthest back I can go on this trip down memory lane is back to the spring before I entered the novitiate.

Today I found a little prayer I wrote during my first weeks of the Novitiate.
Root me in your love
Plant seeds of hope
of patience
of love
of joy
of compassion.
Nourish these seeds
so that I may grow strong and tall
in faith, hope and love.
Let my fruits fall freely
to feed and nourish body and soul.
Bend my branches.
Blow my leaves in the wind,
so that I will know and experience
the constancy of your love.
In all. Through all. With all.
It's amazing to me how much trees have played a part of my spiritual journey these two years!

As to the prayer, all I have to say is be careful what you pray for! ;)


Anonymous said...

Susan, I have been visiting your blog and decided its time to stop and say hello. I have also been posting about trees this week, I am not discerning a vocation and I am not a poet, but you can stop by and have a look if you'd like...

Happy blogging and discerning!

Amy said...

I love your blog. I found it through Sister Julie's blog. Thanks for sharing this poem. It's lovely!

Peace to you on your journey.

Esther said...

What a beautiful, prayerful poem! May it be true for all who seek our Savior.