Christmas Eve at St. Mary on the Lake

This was my first Christmas Eve here with the Sisters at St. Mary-on-the-Lake. The house is beautifully decorated by Sr. Noreen and her many helpers. We have fewer visitors than we normally would, because of the snow, but there is a festive feel in the air!

We have a tradition that our most elder Sister has the privilege of carrying the baby Jesus into the crib on Christmas Eve. Sr. Loretta (in white) carried him in on her walker and placed him ever so carefully in the manger while everyone watched. We had blessed the crib first, and then sang Silent Night.

After our evening meal we gathered in our community room for a little Christmas party. My father had sent a beautiful plant arrangement last week, which decorated the table perfectly!

Our party had the usual features ... we gathered around our beautiful Christmas tree, gifts and cards were distributed, and Santa made an appearance!

Tomorrow morning, my friend Fr. Steve will be coming to celebrate mass with us. He's in town visiting his brother and we're lucky that he'll be visiting us as well! It's always a treat when he presides at liturgy.

In the afternoon we're having Christmas dinner, and it looks like the friend I'd invited will be able to come after all! It should be a wonderful celebration.

Peace to you all this Christmas Eve and tomorrow and always.

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Mollie said...

That's the best use of a walker basket I've seen yet. Merry Christmas!