Odd Shots: Gingerbread Edition

I stumbled upon a very creative Gingerbread House contest in Bellingham, WA on Friday. This was one of the prize winners, and deservedly so.

As the sign says, it is a Wookie House on the planet Kashyyyk.

And here is a Wookie!

In candy and gingerbread!


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Anonymous said...

I love watching Food Challenge on the food network when they have cakes. This one is a winner!! Great photo!!

Garpu said...

Okay, that is all kinds of awesome.

Katney said...

What fun! Gingerbread houses are a part of my heritage. Mymother made them, and I can remember volunteering in my oldest daughter's third grade class as we made a gingerbread house--first having convinced the principal that it had academic merit to do so, and digging into the reward candies to gelp with the decorating. That daughter is now a school volunteer herself. I have been thinking lately how proud I am of her for that.