robo house

I'm in Portland housesitting for a friend. This is the base for my post-christmas vacation. I have another friend from California who arrives Monday to hang out with me. The plan is just to read, visit with friends, play cards, and generally relax. There is even more snow down here in parts, but at least my friend's neighorhood is flat (unlike groovy sister hq which has some serious hills).

I'm also cat sitting two very cute cats. The great thing is that my cat duties are decreased because one of the cat litter boxes is self cleaning! Although I'm noticing you do need to still check that it's working.

I'm also actually allergic to cats, but I've always noticed that some cats affect me more than others. I generally don't have problems in this house, mainly because it's so clean. That of course means I need to keep it that clean over the course of the next 8 days! Another gadget will help me here ... she's got a roomba. You know, the robot vacuum that spins around the house and vacuums for you?

Hence, I have christened this humble abode, "robo house."

Merry 3rd day of Christmas!


Pachyderm said...

Sounds good! I wish my vacuum cleaner self-vacuumed!

BTW, I didn't know sisters got holidays....


Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

The vacation is actually from my place of ministry. All employees get vacation, including the Sisters (like me) that work there.

I of course don't have lots of disposable cash for extravagant holidays, so I thought house sitting in my old home town was a great idea!

Today I've been staying home with the cats and watching a CSI marathon on tv - although I did go out to breakfast this morning with an old college roommate and her adorable toddler.

Tomorrow I get to go to mass at my old parish! Looking forward to that.

And the snow is melting! It's a Christmas miracle! :)

Anonymous said...

Sister will we see any pictures of the cats? Just don't be to surprised when one jumps on the foot of the bed durig the night!

Pachyderm said...

House-sitting is always good - and there can never be too many cats (unless they are ALL trying to share the bed... mine snuggles between me and hubby on cold winter evenings).


Anonymous said...

Vacation? How luxurious. In todays economy we are lucky enough to have a job to get a vacation from.