Silly Snow Test

To be honest, I'm just ready for the snow to stop. The Pacific Northwest is NOT prepared for more than 2 inches to stick around for more than two days. There are no snow plows - or very few. Salting is something you do to your food not the roads. The natural reaction here to snow is just to wait for it to melt, but who knows when that will happen, especially since it keeps coming! I think we have over a foot in our upper parking lot, which has been there for almost a week at this point. Which is probably why, even with an all wheel drive and snow tires, I got stuck for a bit in our parking lot today. I've been heading out as needed to do some emergency/important shuttling of Sisters, but after getting stuck and slipping and sliding a bit, I'm hoping to stay home tomorrow! In fact, I'm working from home again tomorrow. The snow doesn't look like it's going to stop or go away until the weekend.

And now, I will stop my snow induced whining and give you the silly snow test results!

Your Snow Test Says You're Independent

You feel like something good will happen to you in the next few days.

You love to work, especially when work is creative. You have the makings of a successful artist.

You are an independent, individualistic person. You thrive when you're doing your own thing.

Your biggest worry in life is your family. You stay up at night thinking about them.

When it comes time to relax, you have no problem letting go. You are already pretty relaxed as is!

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