Sister Snow

It's a snow day, so what else would you do but create a snow person? Sister Amalia had the great idea to make a snow person right outside the dining room window, so that the elderly sisters who couldn't make it outside could enjoy it. Outside Sister Amalia, Sister Suyki and I were hard at work on our creation. Inside, our sisters were quite literally cheering us on. Here's a picture of the 3 of us with our new friend, "Sister Snow."

Sister Snow went through several incarnations. As you see above, she's got a red scarf and black gloves, but no hat.

In this picture (above) she's wearing a ski cap.

And in this last picture, she's got a more fashionable - but not very warm - straw hat. Amalia has also made the letters "CSJP" - for Congregation of Sisters of St Joseph of Peace" out of snow!

After all our hard work, I went inside and had a very nice cup of hot chocolate.

I love snow days! (When I don't have to drive anywhere).

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