Nonviolence - Our Chapter Act (Part Four)

Over the next few days I will be sharing our CSJP Congregation Chapter Act, "Seeds of Peace: Growing in Nonviolence." Here is the fourth and final installment of the Chapter Act itself (click here for the beginning of this series):

We call ourselves to prayer.
* Congregational weekly peace prayer
* Examination of Consciousness related to non-violence
* Regular reflection on the Beatitudes/Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and Constitutions

We call ourselves to study.
* History and people of non-violence
* Constitutions and writings of Margaret Anna Cusack and community members, read through the lens of non-violence
* Contemporary resources for practice of non-violence

We call ourselves to action.
* Practice non-violence in all relationships, with self, one another, Earth, and Cosmos
* Stand in solidarity with those who are poor and respond to injustice with creativity, passion and non-violence
* Practice non-violence in communication, reconciliation and forgiveness
* Live non-violence in our choices as citizens and consumers
* Practice non-violence in collaboration with others to heal the violence in our world
* As individuals, we will discern if we are called to take a vow of non-violence

Practical guides for prayer, study and action will be developed and shared throughout the Congregation.
Coming up .... what does this mean?

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