Take Action for Gaza

According to the WaPo, the UN Security Council has called for a Cease-Fire in Gaza, hours after the UN announced it was suspending operations in Gaza because it's just too dangerous. The U.S. Government, represented by Condolezza Rice, was the sole abstention from the vote.

It's quite clear to me that whatever the geo-political underpinning of the crisis, it is a crisis. Innocent people are suffering. The international community, and the United States as part of that community, needs to do something to end the violence now and bring humanitarian assistance to the women, children, and men of Gaza.

Before I left work at my place of ministry this evening, I helped to put together a Legislative Action Alert on our newly redesigned website (which was my work at home project over the great snowpocolypse of 2008).

If you are concerned about the violence in Gaza, please join me in writing to your representatives in the U.S. House and Senate. You can send a quick e-mail via the IPJC Legislative Action Center.
  • Ask them to support effective leadership through dialogue and cooperation;
  • to support U.S. diplomatic efforts for an immediate cease fire;
  • and to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those in need.
They need to know that Americans care about this issue and want them to make an immediate cease-fire and humanitarian aid a priority. Act Now!

Peace is possible. Peace will come. Do your part.

There also many humanitarian agencies that could use your support to help the people of Gaza - once things settle down. Consider making a donation to CRS or Mercy Corps.

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Did you know that the British Red Cross has launched an appeal in response to the desperate humanitarian situation in Gaza and Israel.
You can find out more at