Sorry for the blog silence ... I was away for the weekend for a quick visit with friends in Portland. A quick recap:

On Friday I had lunch with two friends in what used to be the Meier & Frank Department store but is now a swanky hotel and restaurant. Weird.

I then stopped by my office of 11 years to say hi, only to discover that they were having the annual Valentine's Day Bad Poetry Contest! Happy to know some things never change.

Afterwards I wandered around downtown Portland and ran into one of our Sisters (who lives in Seattle but was also visiting friends in Portland) in a toy store. The world is small.

I stayed with my good friend and her family in the suburbs. Watched silly movies, played with my godson and his brother, and generally relaxed.

Sold some books at Powells. Caught up with another good friend. Drove home safely.

All in all, a good (if quick) weekend.

Hope all is well where you are.

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