The season of Lent is one week away. Honestly ... how did that happen? After Advent, Lent is my favorite Liturgical Season. Although the Easter Season is my top 3 as well. But that's beside the point.

When I was a kid, Lent was all about what you gave up. I'll never forget the year that my sister Monica gave up watching the tv show M.A.S.H. Before you dismiss that as frivolous, you need to know that we watched two episodes of M.A.S.H. every day. You also need to know that we had a black and white tv, and that the year she gave up M.A.S.H. was the year we finally joined the modern world and got a color t.v. She was serious about this. Then, one day, the episode was aired where they all wear the color red. We'd seen the eposide numerous times ... in black and white ... and never quite understood what the big deal was. But in color .... wow. And Monica missed it. Weird as it sounds, I think that was the first time I understood the importance of the Christian season of lent.

I generally try to do something during Lent, instead of giving something up. Except of course for the year when I gave up swearing - but that's another blog post. As an adult, I try to be more intentional during Lent with my spiritual practice. The idea being that if I make more of an effort to be present to God in prayer for the 40 days of Lent, then maybe I'll keep it up in the 40 days after and so on.

That's still my plan of action for Lent. What form that will take is still to be determined, although I do know that I've set aside some time the first weekend of Lent for some private retreat/desert time.

I'm also thinking pf doing something more old fashioned - as in the giving up category - but with a modern twist. Have you heard about the Lenten Carbon Fast? Your Lenten observance can be good for the earth as well. Check it out!

What are your plans for Lent? The comment box is open ....


Eliza said...

I'm not Christian, but having been raised within the Christian tradition, there is comfort with the yearly traditions.

For Lent, I am exploring my yard and making my personal space on Earth better.

My yard isn't big, but it needs lots of help and I'm not sure what to do with the mess that is back there. It is very meditative for me and I feel far more connected with the All-There-Is when I am mucking about in the mud.

Rabbi Kook (said: Cook) said that all positive things are a step closer to the Divine.

So, I thought that I would take some practical steps to the theoretical.

Garpu said...

I hear you. I tend to have better luck with piling things on than giving up something.

Gave up swearing one year, too. It was hard, and the air was more than a bit blue on Sundays. ;)

Unknown said...

I remember growing up and trying to give up either chocolate or soda or something else that was hard not to eat during Lent. There would be times that I'd say I won't pick on my siblings (they were both older so it seemed they picked on me) :) It's those memories that I cherish the most. Anyways... during this Lenten season I wante to pray more. Open my heart to Christ and make Him the center of my life. It's been hard knowing what He wants me to do. I guess that during this season I will learn much more than what I expected. I pray we all grow in His Love. Love and Prayers. <3