An amazing thing happens when we gather as a community. This weekend is our Province Assembly gathering - our last one as a "province" as we officially become a Congregation without provinces May 1st. It's also our 125th anniversary celebration. And our community celebration of our Sisters celebrating their 50th, 60th and 70th jubilees. Add to that the funeral we had this morning for Sister Loretta, who conveniently died at a time when the whole community could gather to celebrate her life. It has been a very full day ... and we have more tomorrow.

I don't know if words can describe the joy that comes to my heart when our Sisters and Associates gather. There are old friends catching up. New friends forming bonds. We pray together and celebrate liturgy together. We have meetings and conversations as we discern together our lives as CSJPs. And we play. Stories are told. Laughter fills the halls. It's a sacred moment when we are together.

This assembly I was pleased to be invited to be on the planning team. We crafted a process for sharing our stories and memories as we look at our founding story, mission and ministry, and life in community on the occasion of our 125th anniversary as a Congregation. I've learned so much in our conversations about our Sisters and Associates, our history and lived experience.

I feel so blessed to be a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace. If anyone out there is thinking about religious life, or trying not to think about such a counter-cultural choice, I encourage you to listen to your heart. Crazy as it may seem, it may end up being the wonderful kind of crazy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

I really appreciated the whole weekend. It was so appropriate for
our 125th to enter into the history together in such an interactive way. A great process indeed! We were given the gift of the richness of each person's story/ies.
Thank you and the planning
committee for this.

Sister Juliet, RSCJ said...

Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!