Stop the Demand Bus Ad Campaign

Human trafficking--modern day slavery--is a global, national, and local reality and yet many people do not even know that it exists. This morning I was pleased to be a guest speaker at an 8th grade social studies class at a local catholic school. They've been learning about the Civil War and slavery, and their teacher wanted them to know about modern day slavery. We learned about chocolate slavery and wrote letters to the big three chocolate companies asking them to honor their agreement and stop using child slave labor on cocoa plantations.

This afternoon, I was pleased to participate in a press conference to launch a bus ad campaign that aims to raise awareness about human trafficking. It's a pilot project with ads on 180 Seattle area buses - we're hoping that people interested in organizing ad campaigns in their own cities will use our materials as a starting place. Anything to raise awareness about this important issue. This is a picture of what the bus ad looks like.

It includes a website we set up just for the Stop the Demand bus ad campaign. Hopefully it will make some people stop and think, and hopefully realize that human trafficking is a reality. Only then can we hope to stop the demand and finally end human trafficking.

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Great work, Susan! Thank you -

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