It's a busy week in the life of Susan Rose. There's work of course. Then last night I got a hair cut at the beauty school. One luxury in my former life was my bi-monthly visits to my high-price hair stylist. She was amazing, she was great to talk to, but she was expensive. I can't imagine spending now what I used to spend on my hair! The past two years, I've been missing a regular good hair stylist. And, I'll admit it, I missed the neck massage, aroma therapy treatment and blow drying when I would go to Supercuts with my hair wet and just have them cut it for $18. Luckily I've discovered the world of the Aveda beauty school where you get all the fancy treatment for just $14! Sure it takes two hours out of my day but it's totally worth it. Plus I've found a student that I think is the best so until she graduates, I have a regular hair stylist again.

I wasn't planning to write about my hair stylist, but it's late and I got home a bit ago from a work meeting (young adult book group - went really well!) so my brain is still running even though it's past my bed time. Which leads me to the point of this post.

It's a busy week in the life of Susan Rose. Hair cut last night, book club tonight, human trafficking presentation tomorrow night. This means that I'll be missing dinner and hanging out with my Sisters three nights in a row! :(

This morning I went into work a bit late, knowing I'd be staying late. This meant that I got to have breakfast after morning prayer (instead of before like I usually do). Which meant that I got to socialize with some of my Sister housemates and check in. They'd missed me the night before and knew I'd be gone the next two nights. They approved of my going in late this morning since I'd be working late. My morning experience reminded me ....

One of the things I love about being part of a religious community is having this group of amazing women committed to peace and justice who support me in my ministry, but also remind me to take care of myself and to make time for community as well. It meant a lot to have my little decision to go in late this morning validated by them, and it meant a lot to know that they enjoyed seeing me at breakfast and would miss seeing me at the evening meal.

It's a great life that I've chosen. Thanks God!

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Eliza said...

Huzzah! You are Loved!