Holy Week

It's Passion Sunday. Where did Lent go??? I'm looking forward to spending Holy Week here at St. Mary-on-the-Lake. Just like this past Christmas was my first Christmas here, this will be my first Holy Week as well.

New life is all around us here, and the long lost sun has decided to make an appearance. I have all sorts of inside things I have to do, but the sun was so nice I spent most of the day outside. We had our First Sunday Human Trafficking Prayer Vigil in downtown Seattle. There were more folks wandering the sidewalks and looking at our signs with the nice weather. We also had to compete with quite a few musicians and even a traveling preacher who carried his own white board that he used to explain the path to salvation. Or at least his version of it.

Well, just thought I'd check in. Hope all is well in your respective parts of the world.


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