Holy Week

A good friend of mine once said of Holy Week in the Catholic tradition ... "It's when we really pull out all our Catholic mojo." She meant that in a good way, in case you were wondering. This is no ordinary time, it's soul-feeding, spirit lifting, life changing liturgy. Putting aside all the jokes about "smells and bells," there is something transformative about the ritual of this time in the liturgical year - especially when it is done well.

I was invited this evening to the Tenebrae service at St. James Cathedral. Four of us Sisters drove into downtown Seattle, where we joined a Cathedral full of people for the candlelight service. For those who haven't attended a Tenebrae service, the candles are progressively extinguished throughout the service while psalms are chanted, until the end when the Christ candle returns. The effect is quite stunning, as was the music this evening.

Tomorrow of course is Holy Thursday and the beginning of Triduum. These days are really worth entering into fully. I'm never the same afterwards.

I'll probably be checking in over the next few days, but just in case, let me wish you all a very blessed Holy Week.

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I've been finding your blog to be quite interesting these days. Your Maundy Thursday reflection was well written. You said some things that I think I will find useful.

I didn't understand the "choose an identity" stuff with respecting to commenting, so I chose "anonymous."
However, I have no problem with identifying myself: Patti Moore