What a difference four years make

Four years ago, I attended an amazing gathering of 2,000 Catholic women and "a few good men" called the Northwest Catholic Women's Convocation. I had just become a pre-candidate with the CSJPs and attended with many of our sisters. It was a heart expanding and hopeful experience with nationally and internationally known speakers. You can read my impressions here.

It's four years later, and now I work for the group that puts this little shinding together. I now have a whole new appreciation for what goes into a two day gathering of 2,000 people. As one of the volunteers said to me yesterday, as we were checking each and every name tag one last time .... "I'll never wear a nametag without thinking of what it took to put it together again."

Tomorrow is our set up day at the convention center. Friday is Day One. Saturday is Day Two. Needless to say, blogging will be very light until this is all over. Lots of little things to take care of to help make sure things go smoothly. We've got a great team working on the event - staff and oodles of volunteers. Looking back at my impressions from the event four years ago, I see that I wrote down this quote from one of the speakers:

"Our actions don’t have to be huge. In fact, we will probably only be effective if we each work on our own little part."
Don't know who said that, but it's fitting , especially as I look forward to three days of little actions that hopefully will help make the event a huge success!

See you all on the flip side!

Peace Out,

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