Lavender Festival

I've had a "young nun" friend visiting me this week from New York. We met at a Giving Voice gathering of women religious under 40 a few years ago. It's been great having her here. Yesterday we drove to Whidbey Island and checked out the Lavender and Wind Festival. There was both lavender and wind! They even had a lavendar labyrinth which was very cool. And a nice selection of arts and crafts booths. We had a great time.


Eliza said...

Did they have Lavender Kites? It being a wind festival and all... Where was this? Can you post a link? I would love to visit a Wind festival!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

It was on Whidbey Island here in Washington State at a local farm - the Lavender Wind Farm, hence the name of the festival. It was pretty windy though, as it is on the Straight of San Juan De Fuca. The wind made the wonderful lavender smell waft all about the place. It was wonderful!