Where did the summer go?

Where oh where did my summer go? This I'm sure is the thought of many students, parents, and teachers. I am none of those things (although I will be a part time grad student starting September 24th) but my summer flew by nonetheless.

I just spent the past week at our community vacation house with one of my dearest friends and her two boys - 8 & 10. We went swimming, read books, played charades (which was their first time and was HILLARIOUS as they didn't quite get the point of the game), and generally just loafed around.

Our vacation house is true gift. It's a place where we can get away with our family and friends or even just by ourselves. I usually enjoy the hospitality of my friend and her family when I go to Portland for the weekend. It was so nice to be able to share my/our own hospitality by sharing the gift of the vacation house with them.

Now I am home ... in my new home. I am in the process of moving from our "big house" -- the retirement house and west coast center in Bellevue -- to one of our smaller "local communities" in Seattle. More of my things are in my new room than in my old room, and as it's only a mile and a half from my office I decided to start sleeping here tonight. Most of my things are put away. I still need to put pictures up. I obviously figured out the wifi situation, at least temporarily until I sort out what's what courtesy of a neighbor's unsecured wireless.

So, it's back to work in the morning. Summer vacation(s) are over.


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