first day

Today is my first day of school ... or first evening more accurately. More than 15 years after I finished my undergraduate degree in Political Science (is that possible?) and about 10 years after I dabbled in graduate school (Public Administration), I'm beginning the Masters in Pastoral Studies program at Seattle University. I'm still working full time so I"ll be a part time student, attending mostly on evenings or weekends. I'm starting with just one class this quarter .... Hebrew Scriptures which starts tonight. My goal is really just to get more of a grounding in theology and scripture, all part of continuing to live into my identity as "Sister Susan." There are things I should just probably know, if you know what I mean.

I have my books. A new notebook. I'm headed right to school after work so I've packed lunch and dinner. I'm a bit excited and a wee bit nervous. It's like I'm a kid again!


Frankie said...

The title of the class already exhibits a certain bias.

Pachyderm said...

Hey Sr Susan

Have fun with Hebrew - if you can get used to the right-to-left alphabet (or aleph-beit, to be slightly more accurate!).

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Ahh ... but it's all so nicely translated in both my Jewish Study Bible and the NRSV! :)

I already have a 500 word assignment due Sunday night at midnight on a passage from Exodus.

Garpu said...

Sounds like fun! I always wanted one of those huge boxes of crayons for back-to-school, but I'd always get the 24 count one if I were *lucky*.

Hebrew I've heard is fun. My father-in-law-to-be swears about Greek. About the only thing I've heard him cuss out, to be honest.