It's September

It's the 2nd of September ... how did that happen???

Tomorrow is the 3rd, one year to the day that I left the Novitiate and flew back to the West Coast. Via an airplane, not my own wings except for figuratively. Life has been very full since then. I just received a list of reflection questions for my one-year Self Reflection. Although there's still another month before the one-year anniversary of my vows.

One thing about initial formation in religious life ... there's a lot of self reflection! I have a spiritual director. But I also have a mentor. And a faith sharing group of Sisters & Associates who are journeying with me. Lots of time to talk and pray and share and reflect.

In the Novitaite, I also did a fair number of written self reflections. By the end of the 2 years, I was almost reflected out! At least it felt that way. So, it's been a grace that most of my reflecting this year has been the in person kind. I'm a writer, but it's a different ball of wax to pull out the inner most workings of your heart for other folks to read. But, the one year anniversary looms and so too does my annual temporary profession self reflection.

Time certainly does fly!

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