Life Goes On

Three years ago on the day that I entered the Novitiate in New Jersey, my friends at my parish in Portland were launching an ambitious project inspired by the Columbia River Pastoral Letter and our concern as Catholics for Care for creation. They called it the "Muddy Boot Organic Festival." The idea was to get a big name speaker (they had Robert Kennedy Jr., the first year) on Friday night to talk about an issue of environmental justice. On Saturday & Sunday they'd turn the parish parking lot into a big festival site, with live music, organic food and beer vendors, information booths from all the local organizations working for sustainable living, fun activities for kids, and workshops. It was a big success by all accounts.

This year is the 4th Annual Muddy Boot fesitval. It was also the first I was able to attend.

All I can say is ... wow. What an example of what a life of faith lived in the world looks like. So many people were there for the food, music and fun. But they were being exposed to something. Not only to the information and resources for living a more sustainable life. But also the connection between care for creation and spirituality. And the personal committment of so many folks. Most of my parish friends were of course working, so I ended up hanging out with them while they worked.

I'm so glad I was able to attend. It's an example of what can happen when people have a vision and work together to change the world. It's also an example of how life goes on. Which can be a very good thing. I've obviously moved on to a different stage of my life as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace. They're doing new and different things too. The great thing is that we get to stay connected, which broadens all of our experiences and perspectives.

Glad I was able to make it down for Muddy Boot. But now, for the drive back to Seattle!

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