One Year Ago Today

I started my ministry at the Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center one year ago today! It's been a very full, busy and good year. It's such a joy to use my work-a-day time and energy doing something that I'm so obviously meant to do - organize, write and advocate for justice and peace.

We've got a few new exciting projects in the works, one of which is a Just Video Contest for High School Juniors & Seniors. If you know any such people who might want to enter a social justice video contest, please point them our way!

We're also getting ready to launch a new program for young adults called IPJC Justice Cafes. Basically, young adults would gather in coffee shops across the country for a conversation on a particular issue of global concern. They'd be able to connect with other justice cafe groups via an online social network. Our pilot season will start off with conversations in four cities on the issue of Immigration. Stay tuned as this exciting program expands!

I've learned so much and been able to help others learn about issues like Human Trafficking, as well as take action via our online Legislative Action Center. Not to mention the great people I work with, all dedicated to helping to create God's reign of Justice and Peace. It's a blessing. The year has certainly passed by quickly!

Happy Anniversary to me!

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Kelly_SSJ said...

I could go for something cover social issues...despite being on the Social Justice committee with the community i'm an associate of I know i'm not as up on things as I should be.