rainy day

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain beating against my window. The rains will soon be descending here in the Pacific Northwest, but hopefully this was just a taster. I've got lots to do today, but the rainy day makes me want to cozy up in my new room and listen to the rain.

I'm reminded of a piece of prose I found a while ago persuing my old journals. By a 14 year old me:

“Rainy Days are the Best”

It was a cold and dreary day, the type of day that saddens most people. If one took the time to look through the streets of the city one would see people walking, their heads down, arms around themselves to keep out the cold, wind, and gloom. Occasionally one comes across a person whose head is up high, a determined look on their face. These people are trying not to let the wet and gloomy day lower their spirits. You can, however, tell by their faces that their attempt is unfruitful as the neutral expressions on their faces slowly become frowns.

If you look hard enough, you may find a person with a large grin on his or her face. Not a smile or a feeble attempt at one, but a large, ecstatic grin. This type of person is at his or her best in inclement weather. These people are wondrously happy if they receive a transfer to Seattle (or any location with incredible amounts of rainy weather).

The person who enjoys rain or other “depressing” forms of precipitation is usually glad to be alone. They are usually their own best friend. They enjoy taking themselves out to dinner or a movie. They know who they are and what they like. This type of person is unique, special, rare and can be found inside everyone.

Now, I'm actually living in Seattle. Which I dare say is a tad bit rainier than Portland.


Brittany said...

Glad to hear things are going well, Sister. I have found an order that i really like, i'll be going visit them and make a retreat in November, God willing. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. I'm quite excited, and at peace with my discernment!

Know of my prayers for you!

Garpu said...

I'm pretty happy summer's over. I've never been a fan of hot weather, and I think we had more than our share this year...

Anonymous said...

At age 14 you really were blessed with having a quiet mature intuition. I love the last paragraph about "being their own best friend". Looking forward to following the next chapter in your journey.