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We're having our Autumn Assembly days this weekend at groovy sister hq. Our Sisters & Associates gather together twice each year for prayer, reflection, conversation and fun. This year is no exception, even if it is our first as a Congregation without Provinces! (We used to call this weekend our Fall Province Assembly. The shift from "Fall" to "Autumn" is in recognition I think of our UK community, where "autumn" is the term used). We had a great and full day today with presentations and deep conversation. We closed the day with missioning, liturgy where one woman made her first covenant as an Associate and four others renewed their covenant, and then a festive dinner. We go back tomorrow for a half day of business meetings.

I was reminded that five years ago this weekend, I attended my very first CSJP assembly. It was my first big community event. Believe it or not, I actually spent the night here at Grace House in the very room where I am now living that weekend five years ago, as the rooms at groovy sister hq were all full! In any case, that first assembly made an impression on me. I decided to root through my old journal to remind myself of that first impression:

Today was wonderful. Such fun amazing women, with such a spirit and energy. I'm shy but I feel very comfortable with them. I definitely need to get to know them all better. Right now though, I want to pray and go to sleep. I need to get up early in the morning!

Loving God, Thank You for this day. This healing and renewing space, these joyful, prophetic women. This is where I needed to be today. Nowhere else. Thanks to the Spirit for helping me to find my way. May I continue to grow, get to know them better, and go where God wants me to go. Amen

That's a good prayer for tonight too, as I continue my vowed committment. Funny that I wrote those words in this very room!

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Eliza said...

It's not funny.... it's proof... :-)