Home Alone

I've been home alone since early yesterday morning when I dropped one of my housemates off at the airport. She's got a meeting in Chicago for our health system. Another housemate returns in the wee hours tonight from vacation. And I pick up my third housemate tomorrow afternoon from the airport.

I love living in community, but after 10+ years of living alone, I like my alone time too. I've got lots of projects to take care of around the house this weekend, and I'm enjoying having them spread out on the dining room table without having to worry about taking up too much space.

I'll admit though, it was a bit strange sleeping all by my self in the house last night. As one housemate told me, the house makes lots of noises at night. Very true. Tonight I won't actually be alone, as a former house member who now lives across the mountains is spending the night. She's got an event in Seattle tonight.

I was talking to my sister this morning - wishing her a happy birthday - and she said she understands. She's married to a great guy, but sometimes it's nice to be a bachelorette for the weekend and have some space all to yourself.

Well, back to my aforementioned projects! Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of first vows. I'm meeting with leadership next Friday for a bit of a check-in and need to finish up my self-reflection time. Then of course there's homework, due by e-mail tomorrow night at midnight. Good thing I managed to get out for my walk this morning in the beautiful autumn air!


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Garpu said...

I know the feeling when Steve goes back to Boston, or I go back to Seattle. It's just *too* quiet, you know?