wedding bells

Wedding bells are ringing. No not mine! My nephew's. I was 16 when he was born. I lived with him and his family in Europe for a year when he was about 5. It's kind of like he's my kid (in that great play with them as the cool Aunt kind of way). And now he's 21 and getting married! Crazy....

Here's a picture of me, Brendan and Pauline from MY vows last year.

The family is gathering in Vancouver, BC (where Brendan & Pauline go to school) for the festivities. We're not exactly coming from the four corners of the world, but almost: Austria, Scotland, DC, Chicago, California. I have the easiest commute to the wedding being just 3 hours south of the border.

It will be good to celebrate with the family and be there with Brendan & Pauline as they begin their new life together. We'll also get to celebrate his little sister's 16th birthday!

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Anonymous said...

It is great that you are able to be with family for these Sacramental occassions.